As a life-long resident of Baltimore, raised in the Waltherson community, I am proud to call this city home. My family and I enjoy all that Baltimore has to offer, and I can’t imagine planting my roots in another city. Unfortunately, things have changed in recent years that make it difficult for others to see what I see in our city. I know that Baltimore deserves better. That we deserve better.

We know that the surrounding communities are affected by what happens in Baltimore. And I fully believe with the right leadership, Baltimore can rise above. That with the right team leading the way, Baltimore can overcome any recent shortcomings and be more.

This city needs leaders who take direction from the people who elected them. The time is over for politicians with their own agendas or special interests. It is time for this city to hear from the people what Baltimore needs. I want what we all want – a safe community to live in, property that maintains value, and schools that serve our children.

And that is why I am running for Baltimore City Council, District 3. If elected, this will be my focus for the next four years, to ensure the citizens of our city are heard and our needs are met. I am ready to help and I am ready to make positive change. But I need your help. I am asking for your support in giving me the opportunity to work for you.

I would appreciate any financial help you can give. Click Contribute now. Or please consider volunteering.

I am not part of the political machine, but my wisdom and experience will serve you well.