That’s Why I’m Running

Here is where I stand on issues that effect us all in District 3:

Quality of Life

I will put Baltimore families first and protect the quality of life that makes our neighborhoods safe and vibrant places to raise a family.
– 5 plus years of more than 300 murders, source BPD
– 3rd most dangerous City in America, source CBS News
– Chance of being a violent crime victim, 1-49, source Neighborhood Scout

Criminals need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a businessman, I understand the impact that tax rates have on families and businesses. I will make sure that city resources are spent efficiently and wisely. I will work on lowering the property tax rate to make it compatible with surrounding counties. This will help make Baltimore more attractive to those wanting homeownership.


I will work to find out why our schools are failing. We are 3rd most funded, and the 3rd lowest performing school system in America.
– 19% of kids are proficient in Math
– 17% of kids are proficient in English
source Nations Report Card
Let’s hold the school administration accountable.

Serve Baltimore

I look forward to working alongside my fellow residents, and community organizations to hold city government accountable to serve us, the taxpayers. Unlike current council members, I will not expect any contributions from companies looking to do business in District 3. I am beholding to friends and concerned citizens to fund my campaign. Let’s begin to move our city forward.

The journey starts with the first step. Will you walk with me?
I am ready to help and I am ready to make positive change. But I need your help. I am asking for your support in giving me the opportunity to work for you.

I would appreciate any financial help you can give. Click Contribute now. Or please consider volunteering.

I am not part of the political machine, but my wisdom and experience will serve you well.